What We Do:

Someone Made a Documentary About Us!

Our good friend, Bryan Cruthirds, travelled with us to Costa Rica in February of 2015. He brought his new camera to grab a bit of "B Roll" for us. In between that and taking photos of various bugs, etc., he also undertook – completely on his own – to make a documentary about Creative Impact Ministries. He just finished editing (Dec. 2015). We think he did a pretty good job capturing the heart of what we do and why we do it. Thanks, Bryan!

We produce documentary-style films for full-time, foreign missionaries.* We do this as full-time missionaries ourselves. This means that . . .

Missionaries do not pay for our services. We spend about two weeks on location with the missionaries so that we get the heart of their story. We supply all the equipment and assist with pre-production planning. The missionaries receive their films and the right to distribute them at no charge. We also offer counsel on the best ways to distribute their movies to the widest possible audience. We want these stories told in a way that glorifies God and advances the mission of Christ.

* We rejoice in the wonderful variety of ways in which the love of Christ is being shared by missionaries around the globe. We feel strongly called of God, however, to focus upon a specific kind of missionary: those who are engaged in advancing the multiplication of indigenous churches and leaders.

October 2015 Update

They say that Japan is a “missionary graveyard.” They say it is a highly resistant field that that is hostile to the Gospel.

Well, we don’t know who “they” are, or what makes them experts on this beautiful country, but we saw something else. We can’t wait to tell you about it, but for now, here’s our update from Tokyo.

And now… 

We have finished the production process for three new films. Now our cameras, lights and small mountain of other gear goes into near hibernation as Jim begins post-production (editing).  Jim will be dealing with terabytes worth of images and sounds to put together powerful stories of what God is doing through the ministries of the Toths (Mexican High Sierras), the Alvarados (Japan), and WIM (World Indigenous Missions). He will also finish up a handful of shorter (but important!) projects. We appreciate your prayers for guidance and perseverance through this intensively detailed process.

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