What We Do:

We are partner-supported missionaries. We produce videos for other missionaries.*  These movies (shorts, trailers, and documentaries) help them make and maintain vital, heart-felt connections with their partners back home. 

Missionaries do not pay for our services. We spend about two weeks on location with the missionaries so that we get the heart of their story. We supply all the equipment and assist with pre-production planning. After filming on location, we return home to do the post-production work. When completed, the missionaries receive their films and the right to distribute them at no charge. We also offer counsel on the best ways to distribute their movies to the widest possible audience.

* We rejoice in the wonderful variety of ways in which the love of Christ is being shared by missionaries around the globe. We feel strongly called of God, however, to focus upon a specific kind of missionary: those who are engaged in advancing the multiplication of indigenous churches and leaders.

Bangladesh Update

We have a full schedule of production (traveling and shooting video) for the rest of 2015. It includes a couple very interesting trips to Mexico and another to Japan. Until we start that next round of travels, we will be doing post-production on the four projects from Costa Rica and Bangladesh.

We have received permission to publicly share the update about Bangladesh. What an amazing experience!

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